Gwenda Tavan

Dr Gwenda Tavan is an Associate Professor in politics, and holds an adjunct Associate professor role at La Trobe University.  

Gwenda has a strong record of university leadership, teaching and research, with specialist knowledge in Australian political institutions and culture, the politics of immigration and multiculturalism, political communication and leadership. Those interests have resulted in various nationally and internationally recognised published works, and multiple research awards, grants and fellowships. She has also been strong on public outreach providing analysis The Age, The Conversation, ABC Radio National, ABC Television, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the BBC.

Gwenda has over twenty-five years of teaching experience in the tertiary sector. Her teaching approach, based on her own transformational experiences, has been to inspire students to use education to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world. She has designed and delivered high-quality programs that combine specific, disciplinary-based training, with the development of students’ social and ethical consciousness, and practical skills.

She was previously Head of the Department of Politics and Philosophy and Lat Trobe University, during which time she received an Academic Leadership in Political Science award from the Australian Political Science Association. Gwenda is passionately committed to Australian higher education. She currently teaches the subject SPE106. The Australian Political System: Key ideas, institutions and debates. You can view Gwenda’s full C.V. here

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