Welcome to the School of Political Economy. The purpose of our school is to provide accessible quality teaching in political economy and economics. Our courses are intellectually pluralist, covering all the major schools of thought in political economy and economics.   

Excellence in tertiary level teaching

Be taught by academics with a demonstrated record of excellence both research and teaching. 

accessible and convenient

Study via from anywhere in the world. Tuition fees are reasonable. No previous study of political economy or economics is required to do the introductory level courses. 


Access lecture recordings and readings before class in order to maximise the value  of in-class interaction. 

small class sizes And Individual attention

Tutorials are limited to a maximum of 19 people (and in practice, normally less) in order to promote a quality educational experience. Regular consultation times are available and queries from students are responded to promptly and thoroughly. 

TESTIMONIALS From Past Students

“Tim is the best educator and enabler of self‐motivated enquiry I have experienced. The inclusion of mainstream and pluralist approaches has filled in so many gaps left over the years by other educators who seem to think the world can be summarised with a supply and demand graph”.

“Most valuable economics subject I have studied at university. Rather than just route learning of neoclassical economic theory, this subject required a critical engagement with a variety of economic theories and the values and principles which underlie them. Should be mandatory for anyone majoring in economics even if they are convinced that conventional economic theory does have all the answers”.

“This was a fantastic, mind‐broadening subject. It helped to improve my public speaking skills through numerous tutorial activities that I enjoyed very much. The subject material was thought provoking, very interesting, and incredibly relevant to all the other subjects I study. It made students approach the material with an interdisciplinary attitude which I think is very, very important”.