Options and pathways for a sustainable economy


Saturday 8th Feb 2020, RMIT University

As part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2020, this event will examine competing visions and pathways for a sustainable economy and society. It is designed to be accessible to a general audience. Issues discussed include the Green New Deal, Green Growth, Steady-State Economy, De-Growth, and the role of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Each presenter will speak for 10 minutes. This will be followed by 15 minutes of panel discussion and 15 minutes of Q&A with the audience.


  • Tim Thornton, Senior Research Fellow, Economics in Context Initiative, Global Policy Development Centre, Boston University. Director, School of Political Economy, Melbourne. 
  • Jerry Courvisanos, Assoc Professor Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Federation University. Research Scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity  
  • Bel Matthews, President. Politics, Philosophy and Economics Society, La Trobe University.